Follow Dr. Fred in his work at the zoo

Saturday, July 01, 2006

avain radiology with out isoflurane

I was taught this technique at my local clinic in Seattle, Bird & Exotic Clinic.
Its only con, is that it requires 2 people.

Vancouver Aquarium

An aquatic getaway, with the fabulous Beluga whales. The small children were just glued to the underwater window!

A disproportionate Chinese box turtle

This Chinese box turtle had been fed an improper diet as young, which had stopped its shell development. It therefore had curved shell edges and a disproportional large body compared to shell. If this had been a wild turtle, it wouldn’t have survived as it would be unable to tuck itself into the shell

The Zoo experience

Yvonne and Michael came to the zoo and enjoyed the backstage tour! They saw everything from small spiders to feeding the giraffe!

Parrot: Nail trim with out anesthesia

This parrot was so well trained that it turned its head to the left, lifted its right leg, and let you trim. But just like any bird, it would react, but this one only did it in a nice way. A loud call and a nudge with the beak. And after it was all over, it enjoyed playing catch with a paper cup, getting all the attention it could get.