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Monday, June 19, 2006

AAZV conference poster

Here is my rough draft for my poster for the AAZV conference in September. The colors will change, and the text updated.

Lizzard: constipation

As with many reptiles, constipation may lead to a chronic weak lizzard, with decreased appetite.

Treatment consists of a rectal lavage, to wash out any feces, urate mass, or other material.

Just remember, this is a stinky process, and if the lizzard is this big, a very heavy process!

Ball python

A 3 month old Ball Python, with the following clinical signs

1. Thin : vertebral spinal processes are easily palpable

2. Pale mucous membranes

3. Decreased appetite

Diagnostic technique

1. palpation: spinal processes, empty gass & fluid filled intestines

2. spatula: pale pinkish white mucous membranes


bacterial infection

What do you think?

So, what is wrong with this turrtle?
If you cant see it, don't worry. I didn't eaither.

THe problem was......
Submandidublar edema

Avian feather picking

Avian feather picking is a common problem among parrots and the result may often be dramatic for the owner to observe. This case is a clear example that with proper testing and treatment recovery is possible, but it may require constant observation. Keeping the bird as a clinic pet will simplify this problem, if the bird is social with customers and observers! A collar may be required, as in this case.

Lizzard skin burn

The lizzard had an enclosure with no place for the lizzard to escape the heat lamp, so its entire body was burned.
During its shed, one should always ensure that the legs and eyes shed properly, as any excess skin on its limbs will cause tissue constriction and thereafter tissue hypoxia.
Lizzards with out vision are unable to view their feed, and will therefore not eat.
Proper treatment therefore consists of superficial tissue removal and Silvadene cream in this case.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

ICE 2006

Back from Ft.Myers Florida, paradise, or simply a very nice place. You make the call. No matter what you decide, the ICE (international conference of exotics) was with out doubt more exotic than ever. The lectures were good, the atmosphere relaxed, the entertainment wacky, the food appetizing, and the evening entertainment even wilder! Just check the images for proof! I came back less rested than before I left. Will also try to make a short movie to capture the spirit, as soon as I collect all the images.

The week was simply great! Hope to see everyone I met there next year!

For info of next years conference check www.exoticdvm.com , they will post information on next years event in a few months. I hope the conference heads back to Key West! The further south, the better!