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Friday, March 10, 2006

Duiker and Cornsnakes

Duiker hoof trimming
We reset the angle and trimmed of the shoe with a Dremel and hand utensils. Since this is a small ruminant, there are some special considerations. Due to the rumen’s anatomy and physiology, one can only turn the animal on its belly (other direction may lead to aspiration). Gaseous anesthesia requires 10-20minutes longer to resolve due to the anesthetic gas diffusing into the rumen (even though the esophagus may lead it out).

Cornsnake with a small dorsal mass
A (yellow-orange) Cornsnake had a mass which was approximately 0,9 by 0,6 mm. It was 9cm form its head. A radiograph was taken taken, but no opacity was evident. An aspiration was therefore performed with a 22G needle (25G is too small). A viral isolation was planned, but not performed as the aspirated material was too small. This was my first snake treatment!


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